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Well as you probably already know I am a music artist. Born and raised in Savannah GA . Founder of the PARKBOY95 Brand although when you see the PARKBOY95 logo you mainly think about clothing or my music, the true meaning for it is so much deeper than that. PARKBOY95 is a group of people or better yet PARKBOY95 is a family of like minded individuals with a common shared goal - PROGRESSION!!! With me at the center of this family the goal is to just mainly represent as a whole what it means to truly be a part of something great. It means being loved by other members of the family and also being just as loyal to one another as you are loved. More  importantly the main reason we exist is to show support to everyone involved as we progress to the top of the food chain because as one person succeeds  WE ALL DO. Just know that it isn't easy. You will definitely have to put the work in order to get what you want out of it. All i ask is that you put trust in me to mend the broken parts inside of yourself with the words in my music and I will trust in you to consistently show your support to the Parkboy95 family. All it takes is for you to spread the word to anyone that is willing to listen, like a post, drop a comment or play the words of my soul until you shake the algorithm on these mother fuckin streaming platforms and when that happens we gone keep pushing. Just don't ever forget who you are - A MOTHAFUCKIN PARKBOY SOLDIER ON THE FRONTLINE FIGHTING FOR OUR OWN INDIVIDUALITY. For all the days people used to laugh in our face or anytime someone told you that you wouldn't be shit, Now is our time and if you're an independent artist like me or just someone that believes you are worth way more than you have been settling for. You got this!!! Now get up off your ass and put some work in. ONE DAY AT A TIME UNTIL YOU MAKE IT!!!                                                  YOURS TRULY,                                                  GE-DO                                                         

Parkboy 95

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