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Parkboy Services

We now offer quality mixing and mastering services to people all over the world!!!               All you have to do is contact me through the chat button on the bottom right area of this page or one of my social media links at the top to get started or fill out an email form and i will get back to you!! 

Here are some vocal samples of some songs i have mixed and mastered!!! 

half_time__the_lottery (3)
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good_enough_faster (1)
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We also offer studio time to all of my local Georgia artist for as little as $35 dollars an hour or $50 for a 2 hour session !! We are located in Jesup Georgia!! 
Studio setup consist of :                            1 CM800t AA microphone                          1 MXL V89 condensor mic                        2 Yamaha HSM8 studio monitors            1 Avid M-Box interface                                1 Focusrite ISA One FF pre-amp                2 pairs of audio technica studio headphones                                                  65% treated wall coverage                        1 Hp envy Desktop computer w/ 16 gb ram for optimal instant data memorization                                              4 Gold tip Mogami xlr cables
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